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    George Zimmer Tells Ahmadinejad, "I Have The Tie For You, I Guarantee It." 

    AhmadinejadBig.jpg(Houston, TX) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rubs a lot of people the wrong way, whether he's claiming that the Holocaust never happened, unofficially aiding Shiite rebels in Iraq or moving his country's nuclear program forward. But that's not what gets in the craw of Men's Warehouse founder George Zimmer. "Why can't he wear a damn tie?" asked Zimmer "He's a head of state. Call me old fashion, but I think that title requires the individual to wear a tie."

    And most people agree with Zimmer including Vice President Dick Cheney. "Well, I think Ahmadinejad's choice not to wear a tie is proof that he's not only a threat to freedom but also to the entire world," said Cheney "Just remember that Kim Jong-Il doesn't wear a tie, Saddam didn't either, and if you go back in history neither did Hitler, Mussolini or Japan's Emperor Hirohito. Basically, if you don't wear a tie, you're an asshole."

    "Well if anyone can spot an asshole, it's another asshole," said Ahmadinejad's spokesman Abdul Talani over the phone "The President doesn't wear a tie because he rejects the Western standard of dress as vulgar." But off the record, Talani gave another reason. "President Ahmadinejad really doesn't wear a tie because he doesn't know how to tie a one. And he's not the type of man who likes to be taught things, much like your President Bush," said Talani.

    "He can't tie a tie?" asked George Zimmer "That's not a problem. The clip-on technology has come a long way. I have literally hundreds of clip-on ties in all types of colors, patterns and knots. So there is no excuse for President Ahmadinejad not to wear a tie, unless he wants to start another World War. But I don't think he does. Something tells me that he just hasn't found the right tie. Now you tell Mr. Talani to give this message to President Ahmadinejad. Mr. President I have the tie for you. I Guarantee It."

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    Cheney has it right!!

    May 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPjki

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