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    Dramatic Farewell Ill-Planned

    iStock_JessicaK.jpg(Cleveland, OH) Last Sunday afternoon Jessica Kimack was set to return home to Chicago from Cleveland after a long visit with her boyfriend Mike Smith. But in a fit of forced passion, she made the rash decision to leap from the discount Megabus $1 bus line and return to the arms of a very startled Mike.

    In the hopes of creating a magic moment between her and Mike, Jessica waited until the bus had been put into drive, and with her eyes locked magically with his, dramatically shouted to the bus driver to, “Stop the bus!”

    Fifteen minutes later, when her bag was dug out from under the other passengers’ luggage, Jessica did one of those "run and jump into your lover's arms" type of things and in a breathy voice told her lover that she loved him and would be referring to him as her 'lover' from that point on. Mike tried valiantly, much like a white knight, to silence the shouts and jeers of the angry bus passengers, who were now 40 minutes late, 20 minutes because of Jessica and 20 minutes because the Megabus is always at least 20 minutes behind schedule.

    Much was said by Jessica in that one-sided embrace, that lasted way too long, including how she "could not live" without her lover, that the "sun set" in her lover’s eyes, and "some line" including the word lover from TITANIC.

    Mike sweetly stated that they had "just spent an entire week together and wasn't that enough" and then questioned how soon Jessica could get another ticket back to Chicago.
    All in all, it was indeed a movie-perfect moment for Kimack, who was unconcerned with anything other than the man before her. And as a soft rain began to fall, Jessica's eyes danced in the fading sunlight, while Mike told her to call her parents for a ride home, because he had to work that afternoon.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    who'd want a date a loser who lives in cleveland?

    April 26, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRich Frackerson

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