Mr. Mom Fired By Kids
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 08:25AM

(Chicago, IL) It’s been a roller coaster ride for 41 year-old Rich Wabash. Eight months ago he got his dream job as a sports reporter for the Chicago Tribune. - "It was totally awesome!"

Four months ago he was fired from that job, when the Tribune decided Chicago sports weren’t worth covering. - "That totally sucked!"

Two weeks after that Wabash's wife, Cheryl, got a job with the Chicago Cubs turning Rich into Mr. Mom for his 8 year-old twin boys Ritchie and Jackie. - "This kind of sucked but had potential for some awesomeness."

Then last week, this 21st Century Mr. Mom was fired by his sons. - "This totally sucks, again!"

"Why would my boys fire me?" said Wabash. "I thought we were having a great time together.”

“Really? You call eating a PB&J with the crusts still on it, a great time?” asked Ritchie Wabash. "You're an asshole."

“Yea and making us brush our teeth every day with toothpaste was bullshit,” said Jackie Wabash.

Other problems were clean underwear, vegetables and sharing. But the final straw came when Rick made the boys read the Harry Potter books instead of watching the Harry Potter movies.

The twins think Rick really missed a golden opportunity to teach them how to be men. "Where were the BB guns, the comics with pictures of busty super heroes and the candy cigarettes?" asked Jackie.

"Yea Rick, you really phoned it in," added Ritchie.

Rick says he was being a good dad, giving the boys a solid foundation on which to build their lives. But Ritchie and Jackie say it's too late. "Look, we don't want to hear the excuses," said Jackie. "We wish you well Rick."

"But you're not getting your job back," said Ritchie. "So move it along."

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