People, Presidents Day Should Be About More Than Just Millard Fillmore
Monday, February 16, 2009 at 01:43PM

Millard Fillmore, February 1859

My fellow Americans, today as we celebrate the American President, I would like to remind you, that this day should be about more than me, your lucky 13th President Millard Fillmore. Now, I know you have your reasons why today should my day, and while those reasons are clearly valid, we must be kind enough to remember a few of our less popular Presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and George Washington.

It is only fair, that we pull these fine men from behind my gigantic shadow and shine a light on their cute contributions to this country. Which is exactly what I have done in the forward of my new book, Millard Fillmore, The Presidency Perfected…Gents, this book makes the perfect President’s Day gift.

Being that it is not my intention to steal the spotlight of this day, I urge everyone to remind their friends and family that I, Millard Fillmore want them to remember the other Presidents, whose names I do not have time to mention right now, and not me Millard Fillmore.

There is plenty of time for history, in all its wisdom, to remember Millard Fillmore. And if in the years to come Presidents Day just happens to be changed to Millard Fillmore Day with the American people (and their slaves) enjoying Millard Fillmore parades, picnics at the local Millard Fillmore park, and hours of Millard Fillmore trivia games, know that no matter how fitting a tribute that would be to me, it is not my wish.

I thank you for your time. Happy Presidents (not Millard Fillmore) Day.

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