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    I Can’t Wait To Have A Well Informed Citizenry - John Adams

    Johnadamsvp.flipped.jpgThis is a letter written by Vice President John Adams to then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

    June 24, 1792  

    Mr. Secretary,

    Thomas, how are you? Haven’t seen you in ages, it seems. Abigail sends her best.

    I just returned from my daily inquiry of President Washington’s health…As usual, he is beyond the picture of health…And since there are no foreign dignitaries being buried today, my Vice Presidential duties have been met.

    So now I’m sitting in my office looking out the window, wondering about this nation’s future. And one thing keeps churning in this old mind of mine….The citizens, and how I look forward to their progress.

    I look forward to the day, and it will come, when this nation’s citizenry will be the most informed and well educated in the history of this world.

    I look forward to the day that education, not frivolous entertainment, will become the true foundation of this culture.

    I look forward to the day where schools will become the new cathedrals, where books will become the highest form of art and where teaching will become the highest calling.

    I look forward to the day where our newspapers will become objective vehicles for information, allowing those who share the immense responsibility of keeping this republic afloat to shun the bitter partisanship and combative nature of today and move forward in brotherly cooperation to solve the problems of tomorrow.

    Tom, I look forward to the day where all the problems that we have failed to solve like non-wooden teeth, slavery or lasting peace will be easily solved by our progeny’s superior intellects. For they will surely speak at least five to six languages, putting to shame our pathetic ability to speak only two or three…Yes? Oui? Ita?

    Yes Mr. Jefferson, I look forward to the day where the sons and daughters of our revolution will be calling us simpletons! Where they will barely remember who we are and what we said or thought….In this as with everything I have stated, I know the American people will not let me down!

    How exciting!

    My friend, I wish we could be there, but these mortal bodies will not allow it to be. In conclusion, I hope this letter finds you well and that we will soon be reunited.

    John, The Veep, Adams
    (I'm testing a nickname, do you like it?)

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    Reader Comments (1)

    ooooh that so does say alot about today----I could just cry, as soon as I stop laughing.

    June 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGaryJay

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