Tough Economy Forces Teen To Settle For 8GB iPhone
Monday, November 24, 2008 at 07:37AM

(Dallas, TX) With homes being foreclosed, GM, Ford and Chrysler facing bankruptcy and unemployment numbers through the roof, Americans are having a tough time.

Meet Chloe Summerfield, a 16 year-old from Dallas. Just like a lot of people, Chloe has felt the sting of the bad economy. “Yea, I had to settle for the 8GB iPhone. It was like, so depressing.”

The tragedy began last Saturday when Chloe’s dad gave her only $300 to spend at the mall. “Yea, I went there to get an iPhone and like, some new bras to impress my boyfriend Brad...He’s in college.”

Faced with limited funds, Ms. Summerfield was forced to make a choice between the 8GB $199 iPhone and the 16GB $299 iPhone . “It was a super tough choice, but like, it’s tough times in the economy you know, everyone has to make choices.”

However, deep down Chloe thinks she made the wrong choice. “Well like, all my friends have the 16GB iPhone, and the 8GB iPhone isn’t big enough to hold all my music...Like it can't hold my Super Hot Summerfield playlist, which Brad totally loves.”

So until the economy turns around Chloe will be forced to keep her iTouch and like, carry around two devices in her purse. “It's a total drag...I didn't realize life could be this hard,” said Chloe. “Maybe I should get like, one of those government bailout thingies.”

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