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    In 'Heaven Can Wait' Switcheroo Saddam Enters Tony Romo

    SaddamRomoBig.jpg(Dallas, TX) Local, national and world wide religious and paranormal experts are scratching their heads in disbelief. Sure they've seen movies and TV shows where the souls of the dead enter the bodies of the living, but none of them thought it could actually happen. But it has. In a Heaven Can Wait type switcheroo the soul of the deposed and recently executed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has entered the body of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

    "We think Saddam entered Romo Sunday night, after the Cowboys lost to the Detroit Lions," said paranormal and Saddam expert Raj Ashoka "Romo was feeling down and was susceptible to the strong will of the former Iraqi dictator."

    "We started to wonder what was going on with Tony," said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones "When during Tuesday's film session he suggested, in Arabic, that we gas the players and families of the Detroit Lions."

    "Last night, we confirmed it was Saddam inside of Romo," said Ashoka "After Saddam told us the name of his favorite childhood toy, a decapitated Shiite head."

    But how did Saddam get into Romo? Ashoka said that after Saddam was executed, the former despot was greeted by the late actor James Mason (Who played an angel in the film Heaven Can Wait ). Mason told Saddam that there had been a little mistake, and that he could reenter a body for a short time. The body he chose was the leader of America's team.

    Now for Cowboys' fans Saddam's timing couldn't be worse, considering that the NFL playoffs start this weekend, where the Cowboys will face last year's NFC champion the Seattle Seahawks.

    "I don't care what Saddam did in his other life," said Cowboys fan Luke Hollister "He just better manage the game and get TO involved early."

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells agrees, "Now, I don't know what's going on, if Tony's in there or Saddam's in there. It doesn't matter. Who ever is in there cannot turn the ball over for us to have a chance to win."

    Tony Romo/Saddam say they're ready and have developed a few wrinkles in the game plan like drinking the blood of Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren's wife during a naked bootleg and planting an IUD in the jock of Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander.

    "I don't know about those plays," added Parcells "But I do like the aggressiveness that Saddam has brought to the table. I kind of wish he would have entered the bodies of my entire defense."

    Considering that Tony Romo's body now holds two souls, former Cowboys starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe has been bumped from the number 2 guy to the number 3 guy. Bledsoe's response, "I'm getting too old for this shit."

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