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    Another Celebrity Has Another Baby

    wallpaper07_800x600.jpg"It's like a miracle. An absolute miracle!" Marcia Cross of ABC's Desperate Housewives gushed exclusively to The Lost News, People Magazine, Star and The National Enquirer about the birth of her twins. "No one else in the world has ever had a baby!"

    The twin girls were born two minutes apart, in a trying half hour C-section labor, which Marcia described as "grueling" for her doctor.

    Nestled in a private nursery ward in an exclusive members-only hospital in Palm Springs, Cross requested a "natural" C-Section, using only a few drugs. "It was really tough," Marcia sighed "In that moment when I first saw them, before the nanny took them, I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of responsibility. That nanny has so much of it."

    Marcia immediately dove back into her work, with a tour to The View and Oprah to share her unique experience of giving birth.

    "Oprah, it was a life-changing experience," she gushed to the talk show host "An experience that I'm sure no other woman in the world has ever experienced. I have achieved Nirvana with the birth of my little twin boy and girl."

    Oprah then pointed out that the twins were both girls, to which Cross replied, "I don't judge them."

    The ladies of The View questioned Marcia about the daily stresses of being a new mother to not one, but two little miracle, never-done-before-ever, babies.

    "It's a change, it really is," Marcia stated, "I wake up around noon and go to the set of my hit TV show, Desperate Housewives. I'm there for about 15 hours, then it's home for a quick nap or maybe a puzzle with the kids, then off to bed to start it all over again!"

    "But...when do you see the twins?" Rosie O'Donnell interjected "And have you told them yet about the evils of George W. Bush?"

    "Well, the nanny handles most of it," said Marcia, "and I oversee, of course, via cellphone. My assistant Marcy calls the nanny EVERY HOUR to check in. It's so sweet seeing them developing these little personalities, Marcy tells me, and discovering who they are as people. Sometimes I'll get a text message from the nanny like, 'Oh! Your daughter just called me Mommy! You should probably come right home.' It's just so sweet, you know?"

    Marcia Cross will also be appearing in a nude pictorial featuring her twins wearing Roberto Cavalli Couture in this month's OK! Magazine.

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    see now was that so hard. there's the meat of the whole situation

    May 22, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterfidget

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