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    Movie Extra Reveals Will Ferrell, "Down To Earth Guy"

    (Chicago, IL) Chicago actor Doug Malone still reveals to anyone who will listen that working with comedian Will Ferrell on the film Stranger Than Fiction was a great experience due to the funnyman's "down-to-earth, just one of the guys" nature.

    "Will is one of those people who makes everyone feel at ease, you know?" Doug gushed to fellow Xerox sales representative Barb as she shut the door to her office, "He's just such a professional, I mean, really! You couldn't ask for a better scene partner; so supportive."

    The much talked about, only by Doug, scene featured Will Ferrell and indie-darling Maggie Gyllenhaal on a Chicago public bus, discussing her impending audit by Ferrell's character Harold Crick. Doug, seated 7 rows behind Ferrell next to a Chinese guy and an old woman, is barely noticeable by anyone other than Doug.

    "The scene was intense," Doug explained while following to his boss Brian into the men's room, "And Will was such a trooper. We spent 15 hours on that bus...Of course Will was allowed to get off the bus, but when he got back on after his catered lunch in his private trailer, he was back ON!   'On' is a show business term Brian. You probably wouldn't understand."

    But Doug now understands what he wants to do with his life, show business. So after putting in his notice at Xerox, he plans to work his way up the fame ladder.  

    "I'm getting headshots taken by my cousin, which is the first step," Doug said to a woman listening to her iPod on the train "The next step is, of course, getting a lead role in a movie.   My mom says I'm really funny and I should try Saturday Night Live and I'm really considering that. But I need to make sure I know exactly where I want to go before I dive headfirst into fame."

    In the end, Doug Malone will always remember funnyman Ferrell and his words of advice.

    "Will goes to this guy standing next to me - 'Hey, would you mind not taking a picture of me with your camera phone? It's kind of rude.' I laughed and thought to myself, that Will hasn't lost his humble, good nature and I want to make sure I do too when I'm famous."

    UPDATE: Doug's headshots came out great, according to his mom. And as of press time, he is unemployed and living in her basement. "This time of year is the 'slow season' for getting famous," said Doug to the mailman.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    we like Ferrell he's good looking guy and a funny man..

    November 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterClaudia R. Green

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